Something lies in a rift in the TRUE world. It is not in matter but between it, imperceptible yet inescapable. No one has ever adequately defined it. It is as infinite as time, yet cannot be weighed. It is a cold void, ungraspable by evidence. It is uncanny and locked to all, waiting only to remain unsolved. It holds disturbing, terrifying horror; crimes past the most depraved nightmares; yet also contains the suprise utopias beyond our wildest dreams. This is the full story of the gift you’re reading this through right now, yet will never understand: THE MIND, the worlds and dimensions of the imagination. Tonight join us for the weird, creepy and unexpected, from real life to fantasy, on this planet and others. Inside every skull lies the ability to…
think WORLDS.


think WORLDS is an organization dedicated to sharing and celebrating the uniquely human capacity to create new worlds in the mind — light and dark, real and outlandish — through any medium the mind can work in: light, pictures, motion, sound, story. We encourage Thinkers to dive further into their worlds, by giving payment to those creators who would like to remain behind a mask or behind a screen — and have been too often passed over in our present social world of hyper-persona.

think WORLDS collects fiction and art, through various forms, and distributes it through various media. In the modern world there should be no more publishers to manage publication (public-action); anyone can make their work public at the press of a button. We are distributors, harmonizing work together to give it a further reach. As such, we do not ask for exclusivity of content, and our unique payment structure allows us to offer rates by percentage of impact — which can exceed leading the flat rate offered by leading publications many fold. Our mission is to allow any out-there thinker (artist, writer, weirdo) to make a living through their work

1) Rights for the Creator

  • We don’t own your work.
  • We pay you your fair share.
  • You can take it anywhere else besides us, any time.

2) Evolving Stories

  • We don’t own your work.
  • You can take it anywhere else besides us, any time.
  • You can remix, re-publish, and adapt.
  • We link you to other artists, who give you their take on your content. Musicians, painters, game designers…