An Odd Day

Story by
Neha Dhunna
Artwork and Video by
Cole Webber
Read by
Ricky Chand

Age 16. Living with my parents and two spoiled little sisters. A short midwestern bungalow, lived in my whole life. Typical.

My normal day would consist of me waking up, getting dressed and then walking out the door without saying a word to anyone. Then going to school and not listening to a word anyone says, coming home, grabbing a snack and then locking myself in my room until the next day.

But for some reason, I woke up today feeling off with a sense that just wouldn’t go away. As I sat in class I felt eyes boring holes into my skin. Clearly someone was watching me throughout the whole period, but I wasn’t one to give in.

So, I sat there staring out the window to my left while trying to ignore the fact that my face was burning.

When the bell rang, I quickly got up and ran out from the class and walked towards the library to avoid the sensation.

As I walked down the hall towards the library I could hear footsteps behind me, so I changed directions and decided it was time to head home.

As I walked farther away from the school, I could still hear the footsteps. I instinctively looked back but there was no one there. My heart started pounding. Either I was going crazy or someone was actually following me.

I turned back and continued walking. As I cut through the empty field, I saw a shadow lurking from the side of my eyes. I looked back and could see a girl my age hiding behind one of the trees, staring at me in intensely, as if awaiting something. Perhaps it was a secret admirer, I raised my hand to wave hello.

When I looked at her a second time I could see that her face was distorted. Blood dripped down the sides of her face. Fresh cuts oozed flesh from underneath and her stomach had a jagged line revealing her raised infected intestines. I opened my mouth to scream, when suddenly a hand clamped down over my mouth and dragged me away.

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