Story by
Neha Dhunna
Read by
Ricky Chand
Artwork, Video and Music by
Cole Webber

The boy with the hazel coloured eyes that sparkled in the sunlight, stepped out of the mall. His feet padded the pavement silently, laces flying as he picked up speed. You could see the fear in his eyes, set upon something in the distance. An invisible danger only present to him. I could only wonder what it was. He looked around before pulling his hood over his head, panic settling in as he reached the end of the street and crossed the road. 

I scanned the rest of the street quickly, wondering where he had gone.  The sun had long since set and the only thing that greeted me were the long shadows that hugged the roads. I decided it was time I better be heading back to the apartment, it suddenly felt unnerving to be out, waiting. I  started to take a left when a blaring bright light filled the night. 

All you could hear was the sound of a single yet loud, piercing scream.

I never did have the courage to look back to see where the sound had come from. Instead I walked away as if nothing had happened.

It has been years since that day, yet I still hear the scream echoing louder than ever.

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